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Junior Achievement Spring 2019 at Grinnell, Montezuma, BGM
August 21, 2019
Junior Achievement's purpose is to inspire & prepare young people to succeed through providing them with the knowledge and skills they need to own their economic success, plan for their future, make smart academic and economic choices, and realize the opportunities and realities of work and life.

This spring Poweshiek Iowa Development and Iowa Valley Community College brought
Junior Achievement into our three Poweshiek Middle Schools. JA provided curriculum to volunteers from local businesses and organizations who came to the classrooms to work with students. Through this program we connected middle school educators and students to businesses in Poweshiek county. 155 total students participated in the Junior Achievement programs in Montezuma, Grinnell, and Brooklyn.

Volunteers said the program went well, the activities were engaging, the curriculum fit well with the 7th graders and supported our goals of them building soft skills and gaining knowledge about career opportunities, the training was good, and the website based materials were handy to use. Students retained concepts and even referenced new terms such as "branding yourself" with their peers demonstrating they were listening, learning and applying. Students also made connections with local businesses and realized they can start taking steps toward goals.

Volunteers said they enjoyed: connecting and interacting with students, nicely organized materials, the opportunity to talk with students, helping the students learn how to prepare for their future careers, learning what students are interested in and what makes them passionate for the line of work, the diverse and interesting topics, the easy to personalize excellent curriculum, and seeing students interested and engaged in the project.

Thank you to the following volunteers who lead Junior Achievement in the classrooms & thank you to their organizations:
Ugoma Achebe
Heidi Andresen
Cyndi Avery
Barb Baker
Bryan Bandstra
Alicia Blankenfeld
Jacki Bolen
Nate Hopwood
Joel Kercheval
Brian Manatt
Jon Manatt
Matt Maschmann
Rebecca Petig
Karen Richards
Nicolle Smith
Jeff Vogts

Total Choice
Grinnell Mutual
Key Coop
Poweshiek County Sheriff's Office

For more information, to become a Junior Achievement Volunteer, or to sponsor Junior Achievement please email