Poweshiek Iowa Development
520 Fourth Ave.
Grinnell, Iowa 50112

Poweshiek County

Mission: Poweshiek Iowa Development (Pow I-80), a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, leads the county’s economic development efforts by driving growth, job creation and economic improvement initiatives. Our public/private collaboration is dedicated to the business and cities of Poweshiek County. We use our expertise to develop, educate, manage, connect, and invest to strengthen businesses and help the cities and county thrive.

The theme to Poweshiek Iowa Development’s fundraising campaign and mission for this year is “Building Something Greater.” Though never said explicitly, this has always been what our organization strived to achieve in every aspect of Poweshiek county.

Building Something Greater with our workforce. Workforce is a constant battle within our county. We have the jobs but not nearly enough skilled workers to fill these positions. Poweshiek Iowa Development is currently exploring things like “Career Academies” and other customized programs that will assist us in finding and training the workforce we need. We also send out a monthly job posting in hopes of recruiting the right candidate to the appropriate position throughout the county.

Building Something Greater with our infrastructure. As we grow, the need for roads, city/county services and transportation/logistics will also grow. We are committed to providing the county, cities and companies any assistance we can to meet their growing business needs.

Building Something Greater with other companies in our county. There are so many companies in this county that could support one another and utilize other companies’ skill sets or resources if only they were aware of each other. Poweshiek Iowa Development will encourage current and prospective companies to collaborate on purchasing locally as often as possible. This keeps the money re-circulating through the businesses and people within our communities.

Building Something Greater with companies complimentary to our own. As you look at some of your main suppliers and vendors, would it not be easier if they were just a bit closer? Poweshiek Iowa Development would like to encourage smart growth by expanding industry with partners that are the most practical and efficient to grow our current businesses.

Building Something Greater within our own organization. If there is anything Pow I-80 can do to help your company grow, please let me know. There are many programs and incentives that we can help you with.