Greater Grinnell Devel.

Greater Grinnell Development Incoporated (GGDI) is a for-profit investment group that focuses on promoting and assisting new and existing industrial developments within the City of Grinnell.  Founded in 1968 by many forward thinking community members, this group has be vital to the industrial development in Poweshiek County.  In 1996, they invested in an industrial park on the south-end of town to spur industrial expansion and recruitment to the Grinnell area.  Since that time, they have developed all but 2 lots.  Poweshiek Iowa Development is proud to serve as the administrative agent for this organization.  If you have any questions about Greater Grinnell Development, please call the Poweshiek Iowa Development Offices at (641) 236-1626.

Greater Grinnell Industrial Park: 

The following people are currently serving on the Greater Grinnell Development Board:

Jo Wray (Chair)

Scott Herbers (Vice-Chair)

Rusty Jones (ex officio Treasurer) 

Erin Black 

Kevin Kolbe 

Kristi Holzer

Bob Ashing

John Kalkbrenner

Lee McFee

Dan Walker

Sarah Hay

Bill McNally (ex officio)