Promoting entrepreneurial development is an increasingly effective approach to economic development in rural areas. By supporting the development of local ventures, Poweshiek Iowa Development is working to create new jobs and new leaders, and bring new ideas and innovations to communities.

Poweshiek Iowa Development will work with anyone who has an idea for a new business, or an existing business owner looking to expand. Our assistance can range from development of a basic business plan to a more complex review of financing opportunities. Poweshiek Iowa Development can also leverage the resources available through the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) in Iowa City and the Iowa Entrepreneurial Network.

Poweshiek Iowa Development is committed to building new opportunities for residents from within. That means investing in local ideas, local innovation and existing industries who already have a foundation in the community.

In addition to Poweshiek Iowa Development's Resources, here are some helpful links to get your business started (click on link).

Iowa Small Business Development Centers



Looking for capital? Check out Poweshiek Iowa Development's Revolving Loan Fund Program or Iowa Mico-Loan

Interested In Exporting? Check out Small Business-Global Access Export-Import Bank of the United States.